COSTCO can be dangerous!


Now that I got your attention, I will clarify what I mean by “dangerous”.

My wife and I always shop at Costco. It is our favorite place to shop. We are there once or twice a week. We don’t want to miss anything that might catch our attention and calling out to us to buy. I always say: “If Costco does not have it, I don’t need it”. Sometimes we even go to Costco just to see what tasty treats they are serving that day. It’s our way of going out for lunch.

We have been living in our modest 1935 Spanish bungalow for a couple of decades and been looking at the floors, which need to be upgraded in both the dining room, kitchen and utility room. They are all connected as an open space. When my wife bought the house, she removed the flooring to expose the subfloor, but never replaced the original floor.

The subfloor was laid by craftsmen and it was a work of art and why cover up a piece of art? But being a subfloor, they had not used hardwood and over the years, the surface had gotten its fair share of nicks and bruises.

The time had come to cover it up.

So over the past year or so when we visited our local Costco store, we kept an eye out for flooring. But we never really found what called out to us! It is here that I want to make a disclaimer: we saw several laminated floors at Costco that was pretty nice, but I always managed to find a fault or two with the pattern or the dimensions. The truth be told, I knew it was me that had to provide the labor. So it became a conflict between me and the subfloor. I was determined to win.


Years ago, I was talked into removing the carpet and lay down a laminated floor in my sister’s kitchen and family room. An experience I will never forget nor will my body forget the agonizing soreness that lasted for days afterwards.

This experience is still foremost when I start looking at floors. Even to this date. Any excuse to change the subject comes to mind quickly.

On a recent trip to Home Depot to look at plants, we just happened to pass the flooring department. My wife stopped and took a serious look around. My brain went into immediate overdrive. I had to find a new excuse. Do I use the old knee trick again or do I use my back, which I hurt a couple of years ago, as an excuse But, in the long run, the best excuse is: “Let’s think about it!” Let’s look around some more.

I manage to get my wife back on track heading back to the plant department.

My day was saved yet again. No, my knees and back were saved, I told myself. Little did I know at the time, that my procrastination on covering the sub floor would run out or I was just running  out of excuses.

This is where Costco comes in. Remember I told you in the beginning that we go to Costco once or twice a week. Well last week was no different. Pushing the over-sized cart through Costco, I turned down aisle seven, while my wife went to look in the fruit department. Toward the end of the aisle what did I see but a new shipment of Harmonic Laminated wood floors. I took a scant look and hurried past continuing to the fruit department. But my wife was nowhere to be seen. Odd, I thought as I turned around and she was just coming around the corner from where I had just been. She was looking for me.

Ecstatically, she told me she had just seen the kind of flooring she wanted. If I didn’t want to put it in the house, she would find a contractor who would. Now being a man who consider himself a model man who knows how to do everything and after all I had done floor laying at my sister’s place, I blurted out that I would gladly do the flooring.

Excuse game over. Costco and my wife had won me over. There was nothing I could do.

We bought the flooring and I spend the next two days on my hands and knees installing it.

In the end no regrets.

The satisfaction of doing the work yourself make you forget any of the excuses I had come up with  in the past.

I wish we had done the floor earlier.

NEXT: Eating our way through France and Val de Loire.



One thought on “COSTCO can be dangerous!

  1. Gorgeous! Great advertisement for the wonders of Costco, and how the best things can come from the most ‘unexpected’ places! Keep writing! It’s good to have you back from your hiatus.

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