ICELAND, Along the Ring Road

IcelandLast summer in 2013 I went to Iceland for the first time. My mother was Icelandic, but somehow her birthplace was never on the schedule for family vacations. In fact there never was any family vacations. We lived in Copenhagen and bicycled in the surrounding areas. That was vacation!

Iceland has of course always been on my mind and when the opportunity arose last year it was a no-brainer. On the way back from Copenhagen, Icelandair, allows for stop overs so this was the perfect opportunity to stop and finally visit, not only the country but the town as well where mother was born.

I had one week to see Iceland. My cousin picked me up at the airport. She had arranged everything to see all of Iceland by taking what is called The Ring Road. She had arranged for the hotels far in advance at intervals she knew she was able to drive in one day.

This was a trip of a life time, so I decided to take my experiences and create a book. I had already published two books on my trip and cruise around the world. There are several books about Iceland available through iTunes and Amazon created by individuals like me. However my objective in making a book, any book, for that matter is to capture the feeling of the country. I don’t go for the “glamour” shots, I truly try to capture what a visitor sees. I do not eliminate objects that should not be there but are. I suppose you could think about me as being a realist photographer.

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