I hope you got interested in my last blog about Iceland. It’s such a beautiful country with wonderful and friendly people.

A huge “thank you” to all of you for taking the time to read it. I mentioned that I was doing a book about Iceland and I have finally published it.

ICELAND, Along the Ring Road is now available from the iTunes book store. Here is a link to my book:

I hope that you will like it and write a comment. You can download a sample.

“Iceland, Along the Ring Road” takes the reader on a visual tour around Iceland. We follow highway 1 from Reykjavik to the east coast, as far as Eskifjörður. From there the tour goes to Akureyri in the north and then back to the capital. The book is richly illustrated and each point of interest is clearly marked on a map of Iceland making it easy to identify where along the Ring Road the pictures were taken.

The book is 91 pages long and is well illustrated with 162 photographs taken by me.

I have also included comments for some of the pictures in the book.  I like to think that each picture tells a story. However each and everyone who looks at a picture conjures

different stories. I try to take photographs that are visually interesting, but at the same time keeping the reality of the location. Too often I see pictures and I have gone there and I wonder where the picture was taken. So often when you see pictures they have been enhanced., one way or another. Not in my book!

ICELAND is a magical country and I invite each of you to create your own story about what you see in my pictures.


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