“Veni, vidi, vici”, I came, I saw, I conquered. That was the old  Julius Caesar talking! The saying today would be more like: “I came, I saw, I fell in love”. I am talking about northern Italy. Most people when going to Italy, go to Florence and Rome or perhaps even further south to the Amalfi coast. Sure it is Italy and sure it is very beautiful, but when I dream of Italy I dream of the beautiful Dolomiti region.

We arrive in the middle of December. The sky is clear and the drive from Venezia, along highway A27 is uneventful. We have travelled this road more times than I can count. It is a beautiful six lane highway, it accommodates the Italian race driver in the left lane, while us who drive the speed limit hug the right lane. As you get closer to the mountains and the huge viaducts and tunnels build to take you through the mountains into the Alps, the highway narrows down to four lanes. The toll drive from Venezia to Belluno is 7.00 Euros. It depend where you enter the highway, but you can count on around 7.00 euros each way between Venezia and Belluno.

Leaving Venezia behind is always a problem. Venezia spins more tales and adventures than any other city I can think of  with its beauty of the canals, the many narrow walkways and the hundred of bridges over the canals. There are 409 bridges to be exact, where you can stand and dream. Looking up at the stars or looking at the moon reflecting in the canal. In the distance perhaps you can hear the faint notes from a violin playing Vivildi. You think you are headed to Saint Marco’s and unknowingly you are headed in the opposite direction. But getting lost in Venezia is fun. You see things you would not otherwise see. Afraid of getting lost in this beautiful city? Not to worry! Sooner or later you will come across a main thorough way and you will catch your barring. Not to mention that you most likely came across a small restaurant frequented by the locals where you can have a truly authentic Italian lunch. Now if you think you are lost, don’t panic, keep walking, eventual you will reach the sea surrounding the island of Venezia, then follow the walkway either to the right or the left. Or ask the next stranger you see or walk into a shop for directions!  The inhabitants are very friendly and most speak some English. However, if you left your map of Venezia at the hotel, buy a new one. Of course  if you have GPS on your mobile phone, you can use that too. The signal is not always there when you need it the most, due to the narrow passage ways and tall buildings. But do not attempt  this sort of  exploratory walking a couple of hours before you are supposed to be at the airport! And of course you would have to like walking! After all there are only two ways to get around in Venezia: walking and by boat.

I wanted to publish more pictures from Venezia, but there is a problem with the server and I am not able to upload at the present time.

Next time a walk in the Dolomite…


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