The Ring RoadThe Ring Road

Iceland, land of volcanoes, Vikings and Sagas. Everybody talks about Iceland. Everybody wants to go to Iceland and yet few ever fulfill their dream of going there. How do I know this? I am one of those who dreamed about Iceland. In fact I grew up looking at black and white pictures of Iceland and listening to my mother talk about her native land.

I dreamt of Iceland, I lived Iceland and yet it took me almost sixty five years before I would set foot on this volcanic island in the Northern Atlantic ocean.

This is my story of how I finally sat foot on an island that belonged in my heart. After all I was part Icelandic and this was the beginning of me when my mother was born in the remote village of Eskifjörður.

IMG_6840Jökulsárlón lagoon

I had returned to my native Denmark to look after the estate of my aunt when she died. It turned out to be a bigger job than I had anticipated and I was forced to put lot of her stuff into storage for a later day when I could return and decide what to ship and to where. So it was inevitable that I had to return at a later date to a storage unit in Copenhagen.


Returning to Europe in the months of June-July is not the time the airlines hand out “saver rates” but rather the the rates that makes you want to cry out “I will fly next year”! To find a flight that you can afford without going to your family for donations is a challange.

IMG_6650Going by horseback is not a possibility, but wait! Here comes the commercial! Icelandair is one airline that always flies  through Iceland and allow you to get off, stay a while and then continue your journey.

To be continued….


Don’t forget you can purchase my Icelandic book: “ICELAND along the ring road” on iTunes


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